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If you like piña coladas….

Don’t get me wrong. Everyone should partake in drinking a piña colada out of a coconut every now and again. However, you wouldn’t be a fan of itravelfit if you didn’t believe there was more to a great vacay than lying in the sun like a beached whale.  To save you that whale-like feeling on your next vacation, I’ve found some fun activities both in and out of the water that you’ll enjoy (Note to my dirty-minded readers, that’s not what I meant).

Boogie Boarding: BURNS 250 calories

Who doesn’t love a good boogie?  Bring enough boards for everyone because this activity is way too fun to do alone. Have you ever watched kids boogie board? Shame on you.  You should be out there with them.  Just kidding…. kind of.  It’s pure joy!  They light up!  Why wouldn’t you join in?

Jumping Waves: BURNS 300 caloriespower jumps, ocean jumping, beach fun, itravelfit

We do this on all of our beach vacations.  Honestly, I had no idea this was burning so many calories but it’s like Sean T’s power jumps in the ocean.  Totally makes sense.

Snorkeling: BURNS 318 calories

Note to new snorkelers – put fins on after you get in the water.  If you ignore this tip, please have a family member ready to take video.  I’d like to use it in my next post.

Kayaking: BURNS 318 calories 

I think I burn more here because I can never get it to turn the way I want.  Hi, my name is Traci and I suck at kayaking.  If you have to carry it a good distance, add about 1000 more calories here.  Once you’re in the water, it’s so worth it!  Even though I look like I’m going in circles, I LOVE kayaking.

Swimming: BURNS 410 calories

Wha wha?!  This burns more than snorkeling?  Yep because you don’t stop as much to enjoy the view or float with the current.  You keep moving or you drown.  It’s just that simple.

beach volleyball, active beach, fit travel, itravelfit

Note: No beer helmets.

Beach Volleyball: BURNS 500 calories

So you’re not a water bug and wanna work on that tan?  No worries.  An active beach volleyball game can result in a legit calorie burn.  There is an assumption here that there’s actual volleying going on and nobody is wearing a beer helmet with a straw.  It’s got to be a bit more intense than that for this kinda burn.

Single?  Pick up games are not what you think. Just passing along some worldly education here.  Doing my part.


Beach Running: BURNS 800 calories 

jellyfish, beach running, itravelfit

Sneaky little punk. Avoid what look like giant piles of mucous.

Oh yay! Oh yay!  This is meditative stuff right here.  I was running on a pristine beach in Alabama (don’t laugh. It really was beautiful) early one morning with nobody else in sight. My mind drifting off to my life’s purpose, how my daughter is growing up too fast, how you have to treasure those few moments that take your breath away… then, WTF? I got stung by a jellyfish. Oh the burn.  Now, I highly recommend wearing some beach- running shoes.  For other tips, check out this Runner’s World article.

* Calories burned are based on a 140-pound woman performing the activity for one hour, according to estimates calculated by 

Any other tips or comments?  Please share below.  Also, like itravelfit on facebook for more great tips on travel and fitness!

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