Ever get to the airport only to realize you skipped your last meal in a rush to make your flight on time?  Well, now you’re screwed because the “healthy” options are definitely limited.  You decide to grab a quick burger and skip the fries, thinking, “This isn’t too bad.  I’ll workout at the gym when I get to the hotel.”  So you inhale the burger and wash it down with a coke. You usually don’t drink cokes, but you’re super tired from getting up so early to get everything done before you hopped a flight.  All is proceeding as planned, then the Flight Attendant lets you know that there’s a delay.  Just sit tight.  Crap, there goes the spare time for your workout to work off that burger.  No problem, you’ll just work out extra hard tomorrow morning.

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…. At least you skipped the fries.

Two hours later, you’re on your way.  Finally!  Here comes the Flight Attendant taking drink orders, and you decide that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and since you’ve already decided to skip the workout later, you order a glass of wine.  This is great because the wine counteracts the effects of the caffeine and you go for a short nap.  You wake up parched with a slight headache because you forgot that planes have little to damn near no humidity, resulting in dehydration.

Can you relate? This trip sucks…. all because you weren’t prepared.  Hit rewind and follow these travel fitness tips for your next trip so you can stay fit while traveling!

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1. Pack the night before you leave.  Seriously, if you’re waiting until the day of travel, you’re more likely to forget the good stuff.  Plus, you’ll lose sleep over it, thinking about what to bring.

2. Protein is a must have!  Pick whatever suits you.  Personally, I bring my favorite Pure Protein bars.  I like this brand because of the high protein to low carb ratio.  Sugar alcohol is super low too!  The 20 grams of Protein leave you filling full.  Other options are raw almonds, trail mix or beef jerky!  These should go in your carry on for easy access.

3. Buy a bottle of water once you’ve cleared security.  Ever order water on the flight?  Thanks for the dixie cup but that won’t even keep your lips from chapping in the low humidity.  Get a big ass bottle of water.  You never know how long you could be sitting on that plane.

stay hydrated

4. Pack a resistance band in your suitcase.  I usually have a series of 10 exercises I do in the hotel room so I can skip the gym if I want.  If you pack your favorite workout DVD too, then you can just pop that into your laptop in the room and knock out the workout there.  Personally, I like T25 Beta phase since it incorporates the resistance band and is only 25 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training).

5. Running Shoes in your carry on.  This is an travel fitness tip easy one to overlook.  why the carryon?  Delays!! Layovers.  Most airports are big and allow plenty of room for walking, staircases, etc… It’s hard to be motivated in heels.  Plus, you’ll have them with you when you arrive for your runs in the parks!


6. Vitamin Supplement in your carry on.  Sensing a pattern here?  It doesn’t help you if you checked it in your luggage.  My favorite vitamin supplement is Spark because it has caffeine, loads of vitamins (including B12) and minerals and freaking tastes good.

Basically, all of these travel fitness tips remove excuses!  The more convenient and easy it is for you to exercise and eat right, the more likely you are to stick to it.  Good luck and fun travels!


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